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Samsung partners with SK Telecom, launches Q40-HSDPA

Darren Murph

While it hasn't been too awfully long since Samsung doused its Q40 ultraportable in pink, the company is now looking to grab the attention of HSDPA fans by shoving such support into the lappie (and toning down the color scheme, too). Partnering with SK Telecom, the Q40-HSDPA will offer T-Login connectivity throughout South Korea (unless Kim Jong Il illegally snags one just North of the divide), and will also pack a 12.1-inch WXGA display, Intel's U1400 Core Solo processor, 1GB of RAM, a smallish 60GB hard drive, and a T-DMB receiver to boot. The machine will weigh in at just 2.6 pounds, and should be hitting the streets of Seoul soon for a slightly painful 2,300,000 KRW ($2,472).

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