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T-Mobile hits up MediaFLO for mobile TV trial

Chris Ziegler

We have to hand it to 'em, T-Mobile's gotta be given some credit for doing their homework in the whole mobile TV biz. It turns out that their trial agreement with Hiwire really is just that -- a trial -- and success won't guarantee them T-Mobile's signature on the dotted line. Besides working with both Hiwire and Modeo, the States' number four carrier has now hooked up with Qualcomm's MediaFLO folks, too, giving them the trifecta (if you will) of mobile TV partnerships. Though Qualcomm is more strongly associated with CDMA, GSM carriers have no particular reason to shy away from MediaFLO since the TV system is disjoint from CDMA itself. So far, T-Mobile's been low-key about naming a winner, which makes sense: the Vegas-based Hiwire trial hasn't yet begun and the MediaFLO trial (location unknown) is apparently still underway.

[Via MocoNews]

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