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TRENDnet's 108Mbps TEW-445UB USB 2.0 WiFi adapter

Darren Murph

What's better than TRENDnet's pre-802.11n gear? How about an 802.11b/g-compliant device that you can actually rest assured works with basically every other piece of WiFi kit out there? The TEW-445UB is a 108Mbps-capable wireless USB 2.0 / 1.1 adapter which sports a fairly small 2.8- x 2.1- x 0.7-inch enclosure and plays nice with Windows only. Aside from supporting "Super G" technology and WEP / WPA encryption, it boasts a high power output for up to 23dBm of range, a detachable 2dBi antenna, and claims to cover "50 to 100" meters indoors while blanketing "150 to 300" meters outside. While nothing here is particularly revolutionary, the respectable $72 pricetag fits the package quite well, and it should be showing up in stores real soon.

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