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    ABT's iJet Two-Way LCD Remote for iPod reviewed: it really works


    Remember the iJet Two-Way LCD Remote for iPod? Yeah, the one with the 2-line screen for visibly navigating and controlling your iPod menus from up to 150 feet away. Well, one-year later it appears to be shipping ($129) and iProng has what they're calling an "exclusive first look" at the remote which they claim is "one of the biggest breakthroughs in iPod history." Golly, we guess that orgasm of enthusiasm explains the blurry shots. So what's the big deal anyway, the iPod is already highly portable and includes a screen right? Right, but the iJet also features a pass-through base for the dock-port and headphone connection. That little trick allows you to leave the iPod and attached iJet base all bundled-up and charging in your third-party speaker dock while you flitter about the house controlling the action. See, not as hokey as you first thought.

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