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FreeLoader GC doesn't work in our Wii

Zack Stern

Despite a report to the contrary, we can't get the GameCube FreeLoader to work on a Wii. We've tried to use FreeLoader to play GameCube titles from other regions, but the sad, unrecognized-disc screen taunts us over and over.

We're using FreeLoader 1.06B -- alleged to be the right version by internet posters -- and a fully updated Wii (2.0U). We've tried inserting the disk when the Wii is off, then restarting. We've tried cleaning the disc. We've tried a special dance and blew in an NES cartridge slot as an offering, but nothing gets our FreeLoader started.

Datel told us that it doesn't yet have a Wii for testing and couldn't offer any more help. The company is also waiting for a Wii to determine if it can make a FreeLoader for Wii games.

Readers, have you gotten a GameCube FreeLoader working with a Wii? If so, how?

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