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Korean scientists create "software robot," still gets stage fright

Cyrus Farivar

Oh, South Korea -- land of robots galore, ranging from the militaristic to the domestic servant-like -- can you just stop making any robot that we won't be envious of? We're not really sure how this one works though, but apparently scientists at the Korean Institute of Advanced Science and Technology have just created a "sobot," or a software robot that can be transfered like a ghost in the machine from computer to computer and from robot to robot (such as the MyBot, pictured here). The theory goes that in one application, a sobot could be serve as a nurse, being able to perform triage on incoming patients. However, when Wired News went to go check one out, "Rity" the sobot, got stage fright (not the first time we've heard of that from a Korean robot), and eventually arrived on screen in the form of a dog character with a less than pleasant attitude. Still, Korea's got 14 more years to get the bugs out of this one, right?

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