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New Parallels beta on the street


Man, the development team at Parallels must have a secret stash of Jolt. While they're not quite finished with the two big-ticket features for the next release (USB 2 and 3D acceleration support) they have a laundry list of other items rolling out with the latest beta build:

  • Boot from BootCamp partition directly into Parallels Desktop for Mac (my personal favorite)
  • Read/Write Boot Camp partition (if this supports NTFS, another big win)
  • Parallels Transporter Beta - migrate a Windows PC image, VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC VM to Parallels
  • Drag and drop files/folders between Windows and Mac OS X
  • Graphics performance improvements
and more. Once the Direct3D support comes along, this product will move from the "wicked excellent" category into the realm of "simply unstoppable."

Update 5:20pm EST: The Parallels support forum post detailing all the changes & linking to the download is here.

Thanks Kender!

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