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Pontus HNA-7031 debuts, GPS with a side of DMB TV

Cyrus Farivar

There's not a whole lot of info floating around the internet about this latest offering from Pontus, the HNA-7031. As is the case with most of the nav units that we've seen around these parts, this one will play back your media files (no word on exactly what types) in addition to doing all that mapping stuff you bought it for in the first place. And like many late models, you can also watch your DMB digital TV via picture-in-picture. Other than that, there's not much to go on save the pair of auxiliary jacks, an SD slot, and GINI software, but if you can glean any more information from the Korean website, (the exact URL keeps changing due to a silly piece of javascript) please do let us know in the comments. Specifically, we'd love to know how much this thing costs, and what premium Pontus wants to send one Stateside.

[Via Navigadget]

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