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Today's hot video: Wiimote on PC acceleration reading

Ross Miller

We're going to be honest with you: three out of the top five most viewed clips on YouTube today are gameplay videos of Tales of Destiny, but without knowing the Japanese language we have a hard time enjoying it. So we move on to the next top video (notice how we didn't say "hottest" in the headline), which is yet another Wii-related clip.

The video is an early documentation from, a group that is trying to figure out all the technical workings of the Wii remote, with the ultimate goal of creating a "live Linux CD that will allow the Wii to boot into a fully fleged Linux Desktop without the need of a modchip, or any hardware modification." You may not understand (or care to understand) their purpose, but let's be honest: their logo, a penguin dressed as Mario, is just plain adorable!

The gurus are able to detect the accelerations (and it appears somewhat its orientation) of the Wiimote with their computer, but it is unclear to what extent they understand the wavelengths presented. Some might find it yawn-inducing, but it's a promising start.

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