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Casio develops methanol-based micro liquid fuel cell

Cyrus Farivar

Speaking of liquid fuel, we've just caught wind of another liquid fuel cell that may be available a little sooner than LG's ebook concept laptop. Casio has apparently developed a new prototype fuel cell that could make our long-standing desire to live a totally wireless life possible. According to DigitalCameraInfo, Casio's new technology draws in methanol "to produce an electrolyzed liquid that is emitted as hydrogen gas." Then, apparently after some chemical hocus-pocus, the power source can remain autonomous and continuous. The Cas says that it's made this system work in a digital camera and also said that it will be shipping the micro fuel cell technology beginning next year, which we assume means they've worked out the volatility issues we mentioned before. Assuming all goes as planned, our next question is: where's our nearest supplier of methanol?


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