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Sanyo M1 pics revealed, launch set for the 3rd


The rather decked Sanyo M1 has managed to get musicphone-yearnin' Sprint fanboys salivating already, without even a complete set of press shots to glom onto. Well, we're here to set the story straight, with a few press photos from an anonymous tipster of the M1 in all its glory, along with a full-on spec sheet for your perusal. As evidenced by those eBay shots we spotted in October, the phone isn't exactly RAZR bustin' when it comes to slim, but it's still plenty pocketable, and those fancy deets like 1GB of memory, a 2.0 megapixel camera (with flash), A2DP, and a QVGA internal display should justify the bulk here -- for wearers of all but the slimmest of jeans, at least. The best news is that the phone is purportedly set for a soft launch tomorrow, December 3rd, and some reports are coming in of phone orders going through already. Apparently the phone costs $349 -- we believe that's without contract -- but we suppose we'll find out all of this tomorrow, so no use sweating the small stuff at this point. Keep reading for that spec sheet and a few jumbo pics.

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