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The bling you just can't live without [update 2]

Jason Wishnov

You know, as we walk in the 'hood with our decked out diamond chains, pinky rings, and various gaudy objects of choice, we can't help but feel that something is missing. We thought it was something like love, or a sense of self-respect, but that's just silly. Future Shop Accessories has shown us the truth: what we're missing from our lives isn't some intangible emotion or joy, but a bitchin' 18K gold DS Lite stylus.

That's right. It's shiny. It's bling-tastic. And it's yours for only (Canadian) $19.99! Not to do their advertising for them, but this might just be the most important video gaming purchase of your lives. Don't miss out. Make like Midas and get clickin'.

[Update 1: They appear to have run out of stock for the time being, but more should be available soon. Also, noted that the $19.99 was in CDN.]

[Update 2: They're back in stock!]

[Thanks, Hannah!]

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