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TiVo promo goes "behind the scenes" of Wii ad

Kyle Orland

If you've watched TV at all over the past few weeks, you've probably already been bombarded with the Wii's first American TV ad campaign. What you might not have seen yet is the Nintendo-produced companion piece that is now showing up on TiVo boxes around the country.

The "meet the people" clip is part of an offer to "Experience Wii ... the season's hottest gift" that shows up at the bottom of the main TiVo menu in a random cycle with other TiVo-sponsored ads. In the clip, the silent "average joe" characters featured in the Wii TV spots finally speak about their experience with the creepy Japanese guys. Unsurprisingly, each participant harps on how easy-to-use the Wii is and how much unexpected fun they had playing it.

The performances are in general pretty stilted, but we have to admit we loved the Latino grandmother who kept calling the system "the why thing." See for yourself below (apologies for the bad video and audio quality).

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