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Adventure gaming to Wii: "Help me!"

Kevin Kelly

Do you ever miss the old days of King's Quest, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight, Full Throttle, Monkey Island, and other adventure gaming series? No? Well, you should. Because while Microsoft is bringing sexy back, the Wii can hopefully bring adventure back, in a big way. The point and click interface of these PC games is perfect for use with the Wii-mote. If you've ever played any LucasArts title that uses SCUMM, then it should be pretty obvious how well it would translate over. If not, then go download ScummVM and try it out. You'll thank us later.

Gaming Target has posted an article that'll refresh your memory (or inform you for the first time) about some of these games and how it could work. We would truly love to see Sam & Max on the Wii, hopefully it won't be a GameTap exclusive forever. Now if someone would just publish a one-disc collection of all the Infocom games, then we'd be in business. Heck, since they're text-based, make 'em a download. Plug in a USB keyboard and bingo. Ahhh, the nostalgia.

What old adventure games would you see come back on a console?

[Thanks, John (for the article) & Anubikai (for the sweet image)]

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