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Power-hungry Wiimotes (Wii annoyance #009)

Ross Miller

Since this blogger purchased a Wavebird controller back in late 2002, the batteries have been replaced only twice. In that time there have been at least 2,300 games of Smash Bros Melee played, as well as five completions of Resident Evil 4 and several other diversions here or there.

However, after two weeks of playing Twilight Princess and Wii Sports, I am halfway through the second set of AA's in both of my Wiimotes. We know that both Microsoft and Sony controllers also suffer from less-than-ideal battery lives, but we expected a little more from Nintendo, whose GameBoy lineup has been noted for its exceptionally long use of two AA's.

After creating officially-licensed 1GB SD cards, the big N should consider doing the same for rechargeable AA batteries. Or how about Wiimote Lite? C'mon, Nintendo, you're missing a golden opportunity here.

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