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The Ultimate Wii/PS3 giveaway list [update 2]

Kyle Orland

Last year, Microsoft and PepsiCo teamed up to giveaway an Xbox 360 system every ten minutes for nine weeks straight. Nintendo and Sony have not been as extravagant in handing out free consoles, but both this season's new systems can be snagged for free from a variety of third-party giveaways and sweepstakes.

Some high-profile giveaway offers from the likes of GameFly and Comedy Central are already finished, but there are dozens more still active and waiting to be won. Come across any contests we missed? Leave a comment with the details and we'll add it to the big list below.


  • NewEgg - Giving away two Wiis a day through Dec. 11.
  • Simple Green - Giving away a Wii and a $200 Target gift card. Contest ends Dec. 20.
  • - Giving a Wii to a randomly chosen active forum member on Dec. 20.
  • Circuit City - Giving away a Wii a day through Dec. 24. [Thanks Quaddw]
  • TechDiversions [Update 1] - Leave a comment saying which game should be redesigned for the Wii for a chance to win one. Contest ends Dec. 25 [Thanks pooper]
  • 1up/Ubisoft - Giving away a Wii and an Ubisoft game prize pack every day through Dec. 30.
  • WiredSet - Giving away a Wii plus Zelda: Twilight Princess, Trauma Center: Second Opinion and a collection of Now CDs. Contest ends. Dec. 30.
  • Hudson - Giving away five Wii systems, plus other prizes. Contest ends Dec. 30.
  • Lifetime - Giving a Wii for the best 250 word essay on "what game are you hoping comes to your house this year." Contest ends Dec. 31.
  • ClearChannel - Giving away a Wii and a "Greg the Bunny" prize pack. Contest ends Dec. 31.
  • Swapgame - UK game trading site offering free Wii to every 50th new customer through Dec. 31.
  • GameLoft - Giving away five Wiis. Contest ends Jan. 2 '07.
  • 7-Eleven - Buy a 28 oz. or 40 oz. Slurpee and enter the code for a chance to win one of 711 Wii prize packs, including the system and Red Steel. Contest ends Jan. 31, '07.
  • Pringles - Already gave away 50 Wii systems, giving away 50 more on April 26, '07.
  • Peta2 - Giving away a Wii and Zelda: Twilight Princess. Contest end date unknown.


  • Gamespot/Air Force - Giving away a PS3. Contest ends. Dec. 5.
  • Overstock [Update 2] - Selling a PS3 to one lucky customer for only $50. Contest ends Dec. 8. [Thanks Cativo]
  • IGN - Giving away a PS3, two games and "Van Wilder: Rise of Taj" soundtrack. Contest ends Dec. 8.
  • Shakefire - Giving away a PS3 plus Tony Hawk Project 8 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Contest ends Dec. 15.
  • IgnitionSk8 - Skating community site "regifting" a PS3 for the best holiday themed photo. Contest end Dec. 15.
  • WizbangTech - Complete weekly assignments to get entered in a Dec. 15 drawing for a PS3.
  • Ben's Bargains - Giving away a PS3 to registered members with "at least 10 worthwhile contributions to discussion" on Dec. 15.
  • CellClix - Giving away a PS3 and a $500 Best Buy Gift Certificate. Contest ends Dec. 18.
  • EGEE Media - Giving away a PS3. Contest ends Dec. 31.
  • GamePro - Giving away a PS3. Contest ends Dec. 31.
  • Gamestop - Sign up for a newsletter by Dec. 31 for a chance to win a PS3.
  • Robot Chicken/Adult Swim - Upload a funny video by Jan. 1 '07 for a chance to win a PS3 and a guest appearance on Robot Chicken.
  • PS3Forumz - Giving a PS3 to an active member with more than 100 forum posts.
  • BREGames - Giving away a PS3. Contest ends Jan. 31 '07.
  • PSExtreme - Sign up for a free newsletter for a chance to win one of two PS3s. Contest ends Jan. 31 '07.
  • TigerDirect - Giving away a PS3, a Wii and a Zune to three separate winners every day through Dec. 19.
  • Destructoid [Update 1] - Find clues posted on Fridays for a chance at a PS3 or two Wiis (your choice). Contest ends Dec. 25. [Thanks everyone]
  • ThinkGeek - Prize pack including Wii, PS3 and three games for each. Contest ends Dec. 31.

[Thanks to, and for many of these links.]

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