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TUAW Desktop of the Week - Happy Puppy

David Chartier

Since we've already taken care of the holiday-themed Desktop of the Week, we can get back to the fundamentals of the ideal desktop like function, form - and a happy puppy! Flickr user bc_lau wins the award for *almost* making me spit out my morning coffee with a desktop like this.

Besides a happy puppy (sure, that could be a yawn, but 'happy' is more fun), bc_lau is clearly a freak for at-a-glance information and statistics. The first row of transparent info (two clocks, the date, the temp, and current iTunes track) is the work of Panic's Stattoo. The second row, with system statistics like CPU usage, hard drive space and temperatures is the iStat 2.0 application we're such big fans of here at TUAW (both as an app and as widgets). As one comment on this photo at Flickr already states, bc_lau gets bonus points for using a Boba Fett Dock icon for Safari.

If you'd like to see your unique, functional or otherwise interesting desktop featured in our TUAW Desktops of the Week series, check out past featured desktops as well as the original post for the rules and to get an idea of what we're looking for. Then, upload your desktop screenshot to our TUAW Desktops Flickr group. We'll feature one or more desktops each weekend, giving credit to the desktop owner, wallpaper creator and any apps featured in the screenshot. Keep those desktops rolling in!

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