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Canadians add extra bling to their DS

Justin Murray

Decorating your console has become an interesting new trend for handheld and console gaming. From Xbox 360 face plates to custom-designed PSPs, everyone is getting in on the action. Now Canadian DS owners can add their own special touch, and this one won't cost a sack-full of cash.

Future Shop, a Canadian retailer, is now offering an 18 karat gold Nintendo DS stylus. For $19.99 Canadian ($17.44 US at current rates) DS gamers can play with a gold stylus to go with their crystal case. As an added bonus, the stylus is billed to improve functionality through improved balance.

It is nice to see a cosmetic addition that actually impacts the gameplay experience. Now DS owners can get the full experience of a customized DS system, not just a diamond covered clam shell with a stock white stylus. Any Canadians out there planning on picking up this 18k beauty?

[Thanks, Miles]

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