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Public transportation and GTA: Vice City Stories


GamePolitics has a roundup of the Portland, Oregon public transportation system removing GTA: Vice City Stories advertisements. They've also linked to The Oregonian's columnist Jerry Boone's editorial about how GTA might cause a small percentage of gamers to go on "stealing, killing and raping binges." At the end Boone says the transit system lost $71,250 removing the ads, but the value of a cop's life is "priceless." Boone is right, a small percentage of gamers might kill cops, because it never happens the other way around. Wonder how much the life of a dead unarmed kid and his bullet filled dog are worth?

On the other coast, the head of Boston's public transportation system told the politicians to go take a long walk off a short Boston pier. The GTA ads are staying up. The outrage in Boston was pretty faux and created by the local tabloid paper The Boston Herald. Maybe The Oregonian made the whole crisis up to sell papers like The Boston Herald did. Sadly, the Portland public transportation directors have no spines and blew over like a house of cards to "media issue of the week" pressure.

Meanwhile, in England ... GTA: Vice City Stories is advertised on a double-decker bus.

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