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Reggie: Wii online games in Q2 2007

Zack Stern

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Amie was featured on the most recent episode of GameHead on Spike TV. While most of the episode is the usual Nintendo PR spin, he gives some information about online Wii gaming in the U.S.; expect online, multiplayer games to be announced in the first quarter of 2007 and to ship in the second quarter.

The episode is available on the GameHead site (that's the best link we could give you through the non-linkable, to-the-max Flash interface). The show even features Reggie bowling virtually and in a real alley.

Q2 still seems like a long time to wait, and our expectations keep rising the longer it takes to deliver a product. Nintendo is already late to the online party; how long will Wii-mail and Mii parades keep us occupied?

[Via digg and PALGN]

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