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201 issues in 2.0.1

Mike Schramm

OK, well maybe there's not exactly that many issues, but there's quite a few floating around with the new patch today. No Arena masters, for one. Here's a few more I've heard about so far.

  • Druids are just plain confused. The patch notes had tons of changes for them, but it looks like only two showed up in the actual patch, the Omen of Clarity buff and Swiftmend. What's up with that? The devs are saying the patch notes are wrong, and there's no word about whether an update will change things later. A lot of druids are confused about it, and rightfully so-- why put stuff in the patch notes that doesn't get implemented?
  • There's crazy addon issues, for sure. None of my addons worked at all (they didn't just say "out of date", they actually said "incompatible"), and for a lot of major addons there's no word yet when an update is forthcoming. We knew this would happen, but it still sucks, especially for guilds like mine who plan to raid tomorrow.
  • The LFG interface is cool, but there's a few kinks in it, most notably that I couldn't seem to join a group for lower level instances on my 60. If I have a quest in Sunken Temple or Maraudon, why can't I find a group for it? Also, it appears (confirmation on this?) that the raids aren't in the LFG interface either.
  • The stealth animations were speed increased (walking speed in stealth), but frankly it looks like characters are "doing the pee pee dance"-- they're jerky and wrong. Petition has been started on the rogue forums to fix them.
  • Appears that because of the changes to thrown items (they don't stack-- instead they lose durability when used), equipped thrown items have disappeared forever.
  • Finally, this isn't Blizzard's fault, but the battleground servers are being obliterated right now with all the people jumping in to try out their new specs. I was in Arathi Basin 167, and it lasted for all of three minutes before it froze up, flipped over, and died on the spot.
On the flip side, there is a lot of good coming out of the patch: Pallys are thrilled, and while Druids are a little unhappy, they do like that treeform. I've already seen a few Shamans walking around dual wielding (I had to stay Resto, unfortunately, so no DW for me until the expansion). Warriors, from what I've heard, are happier than they thought they would be with rage normalization (their new talents helped a bit). Priests have some new tricks up their sleeve, as do Hunters. Locks still own. And it seems true that no matter what this patch does, it will definitely breathe some new life into a game that a lot of people were getting bored of. There may be 201 problems, but players not playing tonight ain't one.

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