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Copy HD-DVDs using Xbox 360, high-end PC

Kyle Orland

Want to make a digital copy of that new HD-DVD for "backup" purposes? No problem: all you need is an Xbox 360, the HD-DVD drive add-on, and a computer powerful enough to kill a small yak.

Apparently, the Xbox 360's HD-DVD drive is one of the only ones on the market that outputs 720p and 1080i signals through component cables, as opposed to HDMI. This analog hole lets you hook the output up a computer through an HD capture card and record the resulting stream to a hard drive.

Before you go running out to burn a high-def copy of King Kong for all your friends, though, you should be aware that you need a pretty pimped out system to make the process work. Besides the HD capture card, your computer needs to be fast enough to process an HD video signal in real time and record it to a redundant hard drive array to the tune of 6GB per minute -- no small task. Still, if you have the equipment and the will, you can copy your HD-DVDs to your hearts content. For archival purposes only, of course.

[Via Engadget]

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