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Move over, YouTube: Verizon hooks up with Revver, too

Chris Ziegler

If Verizon's walled garden of limited YouTube content isn't enough to get you to shell out 15 bones for the requisite V CAST service, how's about they sweeten the pot with some Revver? A Verizon-exclusive deal with the revenue-sharing video site will see V CAST subscribers getting a selection (yeah, a selection -- as in, not all) of Revver's content, refreshed twice a week and "optimized" for the mobile viewing experience. A new "V CAST Collection" area of Revver's site will give users a sneak peek of what they're going to have access to once they're out and about, to boot. Look for Revver content to go live this month, about the same time as the YouTube goodies.

[Via TG Daily]

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