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PS3: The disgraced internet mogul's choice

Kyle Orland

As a Joystiq reader, you've no doubt paid close attention to all the varied, conflicting opinions swirling around about the latest video game systems. But we're willing to bet there's still one question nagging at your mind, namely: "What does disgraced Internet mogul Takafumi Horie think of the PlayStation 3?"

Well you can put your mind at ease: An AFP interview with the arrested former entrepreneur reveals that Horie recently bought a PS3 and thinks the system is a "good buy" and an "incredible thing" with "amazingly clear" graphics.

Horie, who once bragged of plans to buy out Sony completely, said that if he ran the company he would sell the PlayStation and electronics divisions to put more focus on mobile phones. Luckily for us, Horie is no longer pursuing such plans, focusing instead on the space and life sciences industries. That and, presumably, finishing Resistance: Fall of Man.

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