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So long "next-gen," and good riddance


Joystiq is as guilty as anyone for abusing the buzzword "next-gen." But, with all due respect to the European nations and all other countries still lacking the full set of current hardware, we're retiring the word (at least, for a few years).

We waited to make this announcement until Japan had a few days to get "next-gen" out of its system. With Wii deployed throughout the country this past weekend, the trio of new consoles is now available in the world's two largest console gaming markets. We're not suggesting that the previous generation of hardware -- specifically, PlayStation 2 -- is no longer dominant, but we are reminding ourselves and you dear reader that Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii have launched. If anything, let's consider these consoles the new generation; they're no longer next. The stage is theirs. Who will steal the show?

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