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Sony Ericsson rolls pink camo Z530i

Chris Ziegler

Huh? There's a phone in this picture? We kid, we kid -- pink camouflage is about as effective as a styrofoam paperweight, but then again, we don't think that's really the idea here (of course, with the forgettable VGA cam, this is a phone we wouldn't mind seeing disappear). Sony Ericsson has hooked up with Boost Mobile's Australian division to offer the Z530i in the user's choice of pink or black camo with matching Skullcandy headphones for that music collection you've got stored on the handset's Memory Stick Micro M2 slot. Look for it Down Under on Boost for $179 -- but seeing how it's a GSM piece, there's no chance of seeing this one migrate to Boost customers here in the States.


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