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1UP previews Zelda: Twilight Princess for GameCube

Blake Snow

Let's be honest: Nintendo pulled a fast one on hardcore US Zelda fans -- for better or for worse -- by delaying the originally planned GameCube Twilight Princess until after the Wii version launched with the company's new console. The controversy, however minor, is probably only amplified by our scrutinization having no material effects on the masses buying the game. Furthermore, a majority of reviewers believe the added motion controls on Wii add value to the gameplay, arguably justifying the delayed launch which inevitably helps move Wii units. But this is despite being unable to formally compare the final product with the GameCube version.

Enter antsy 1UP who imported the already released in Japan GameCube version in an effort to preview its old school way of doing things. From the article: "With no Wii Remote to speak of, the GC version forces players to revert to the classic style of controlling Link, where the B button is used to swing the sword and additional weapons and tools like the Slingshot or Gale Boomerang are mapped to the X and Y buttons ... Surprisingly, I had no problem slipping back into the 'old' controls, and in some instances, actually preferred them."

Zelda: Twilight Princess for GameCube hits US stores on December 13. For the record, I enjoy the Wii version but am still curious to see how well the final GameCube version will be received.

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