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Australians to demo 10 gigabit wireless data link

Cyrus Farivar

We're not exactly sure how we got along before the advent of WiFi (wait, nevermind, we were tethered to our desks), but today we can't wait for the next generation of wireless technology. Well, leave it to Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation to come out of the blue and develop gigabit (yes, gigabit) wireless technology. According to CSIRO's website, the new wireless protocol will use the 55GHz band and will transfer at 10Gbps -- the organization will be showing of this tech by transmitting 16 streams of DVD-quality video over a distance of 250 meters (820 feet), which will apparently only be "one-tenth of the capacity of the link." We've got no idea how long it'll be until our friends Down Under send us some of that gigabit love, although they might want to settle those lawsuits against nearly every American wireless hardware firm first.

[Via Computerworld Australia]

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