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Because you can never be too safe

Jason Wishnov

You've heard the stories. Seen it on the news. Nintendo Wii consoles, on a rampage. Decimating joints, impaling innocent television screens, and taking candy from babies. We here at Nintendo Wii Fanboy place your safety at the very tippy-top of our list (but right below Twilight Princess), and thus, we'd like you to peruse this new and improved safety catalog for the Wii.

Some things on this list were obvious, like not skydiving with the Wii and attempting to use it as a parachute. But did you know that the Wii cannot toast bread? Fooled the hell out of us. We beg of you: for your own safety, take a glance at these helpful pictures.

The more you know.

[via GameBrink; thanks to all those that sent this in!]

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