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Roc A Fella give us a hands-on exclusive with the Zenum Opus

Michael Caputo

We know this might be a sensitive subject in the Windows Mobile community with its on again, off again talk of release, but this looks like the real deal here folks. Our very own Roc A Fella, who brought us a little of this and some of that, was able to get his hands on a Zenum Opus and had some time to play with it. Click on for more.

Starting with the internals, we are looking at an anemic 200Mhz OMAP processor running Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. It sports 128MB of RAM and 64MB of ROM, and tri-band GSM / GPRS. Even though there may be two different versions offered, one with 850Mhz and one without, we are still puzzled about the lack of EDGE and UMTS. Thankfully at least there is 802.11b/g to supplant that crappy lack of data (which is exactly the problem we saw with the Dash). It also features a 2 megapixel camera, microSD, and Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP; the device will also come prepackaged with some Zenum-exclusive software (what, we're not entirely sure). Now we have some good info that the delay shouldn't be much longer, so we'll have to see what they come up with.

Update: We just received word from Roc that many of you already guesed, the spec sheet doesn't seem to be final. The device should have several changes which may include the radio and the keypad to name a few. As always, stay tuned for more info!

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