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TurboGrafx the most downloaded Virtual Console games?

Blake Snow

According to participating members of the NeoGAF Virtual Console sales thread, Bonk's Adventure tops the list of the most purchased games on Wii's download service thus far. Intuitively, one would think Nintendo and/or Sega would dominate this unofficial data, but TurboGrafx games make up three of the top five selling titles on the survey with mostly NES and Genesis titles filling up subsequent spots.

While it should be noted this forum is largely made up of rabid gamers like you and I, could this just be early (or new found) excitement for less accessible Hudson games? As one Game|Life commenter wisely pointed out, both Nintendo and Sega have repackaged and re-released most of their hits into oblivion, whereas TurboGrafx games on the Virtual Console represent a first for retro-minded gamers seeking Hudson classics.

[via Game|Life]

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