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A million Zunes

TUAW recently reported how 39 million iPod sales for the 2006 fiscal year worked out to over a hundred thousand iPod sales per day. The Zune Insider blog has proudly posted that they expect to sell one million Zune players by June 30 2007, the end of their fiscal year.

The Zune debuted on November 14, so June 30th is approximately 230 days from the first sale date. At a million units, this comes out to about 4300 sales per day. Assuming that Zunes sell around the clock, that's approximately 180 Zunes per hour sold, or roughly 3 Zunes per minute.

Assuming a steady 3 Zune per minute sales rate, it will take over twenty days to sell as many Zunes as Apple currently sells iPods in a single day. And that's not even taking the current holiday-spurred iPod rush into account, which itself may be upwards of 15 million units, or about a half-million iPods per day.

We did the math, so you don't have to.

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