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Clinton and Lieberman make nice with ESRB ... why?


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GamePolitics reports that Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) in a press conference today at 3PM will announce, with ESA President Doug Lowenstein and ESRB president Patricia Vance, a national campaign to raise awareness about video game ratings. Clinton and Lieberman have both been outspoken critics of the game industry and this certainly shows that a change is in the air.

Now is certainly a convenient time for Clinton and Lieberman to bury the hatchet with the gaming industry. Nobody can deny that the political winds in the United States have shifted since the last election and these two have grander ambitions. Lieberman, who originally lost his party nomination in Connecticut, rallied during the election as an Independent to get his seat back -- although he's still a pseudo Democrat at heart. With the House and Senate under Democratic control perhaps he feels he can actually focus on issues that matter, rather than trying to pander to some bizarre wing of his constituency that believes the best way to protect America's youth is by going after the gaming industry. Sen. Hillary Clinton ... well, for you non-Americans out there, she is gearing up to run for President of the United States. However you may feel about this, the point is, the last thing Senator Clinton needs is the youth of America telling their parents that the crazy lady hates video games and not to vote for her. Also, with the average gamer being 30 years-old according to the ESA, there are a lot of gamers out there with the right to vote. People have voted for and against candidates for stupider things and the Democrats want the White House, so it's time to make friends, build bridges in the 21st century and start using the village to raise the children -- that sounds oddly familiar. We'll get more answers about what's going on today at 3PM Eastern.

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