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HANNURI BIZ brings WiFi to the electronic dictionary


Asia loves 'em some electronic dictionaries. Some even feature mobile TV, MP3 playback and FM tuners. But it's not everyday one comes along sportin' an old iBook clamshell and WiFi. This WinCE 5.0 Pro device from HANNURI BIZ brings a 5-inch touchscreen and oddball QWERTY which looks nicer than it will likely feel to a touch-typist. The in-house named Nurian Z1 comes pre-loaded with IE naturally, which students are meant to use for "streaming audio and video education content" from the Internet. Yeah, and bypass all that YouTube goodness, right. In fact, with the ability to download and install any application, we've got a funny feeling that this will be everything but an electronic dictionary once the kids have their way. Shipping sometime in February to Korea.

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