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HTC Vox, the GSM version of Libra?

Chris Ziegler

Many fans of the form factor proposed by HTC's upcoming Libra (pictured) -- numeric keypad when closed, QWERTY when open -- probably felt a little snubbed when it seemed like CDMA customers would be the only folks lucky enough to put one in their pockets; we know we did. The latest intelligence coming off the wires suggests that we can all finally rest easy, though, with a device being called "Vox" taking the torch for the GSM side. Details are slim, but it sounds like Vox won't have the 3G capability of its EV-DO rev. A equipped Libra cousin, merely topping out with EDGE instead. HTC will apparently be positioning the Vox as a messaging-friendly phone (a la LG VX9900) rather than a full fledged PDA -- and with a meager 96MB of internal storage to its name, it shows. Look for it to drop shortly after the Libra in the first half of 2007.

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