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Huckleberry turns your iSight world around


Perhaps, at some sort of Mac geek gathering, you have witnessed the maneuver I call "the HighSight." This dance sensation is characterized by the hoisting of an iSight-enabled laptop into the air, lens towards the crowd, to capture a short video or a quick PhotoBooth still. Adding to the degree of difficulty and the ever-so-slightly-ridiculous appearance of the move is the iSight's angle of view back across the keyboard; much hinge bending ensues.

eCamm Network can't stop you from using your $2,000 laptop as a gravity-defying $15 webcam, but they can make it a bit easier with the little plastic periscope they're calling Huckleberry (originally noted on TUAW when announced in October), shipping worldwide today. This little item (which might as well have escaped from MAKE's labs) will reorient your world and point your iSight's wee eye back over the other side of the laptop, easing the production of most anything that requires you to type and capture at the same time. $19.95 is the toll, and it ships with a license for their iChat customization tool iGlasses as well.

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