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iSoundCap??? Ski Cap

Scott McNulty

Continuing in the long line of questionable iPod enabled clothes comes the iSoundCap™ Ski Cap. This 100% acrylic fiber hat has a little pocket in the back for you to slip your iPod nano into. There is a clear plastic window that lets you access the click wheel, and eyelets that allow you to snake the headphones through the hat.

I can't imagine this being any more convenient than keeping the iPod in a coat pocket. Sure, if you are skiing down a mountain you won't want to fiddle with a pocket, but won't you be wearing big gloves anyway?

Ah well, I've never been skiing so clearly I am not in the target audience. The cap is expected to be available on the 18th of this month, though pricing has not been announced.

[via iLounge]

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