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Nintendo now shipping beefed-up Wii strap?


We've seen the violence, now behold the solution. We think. Friendly tipster Arthur S. bought a Wii on November 24th with a flimsy little Wiimote strap just like the rest of you fools, but when his mom, won over by the beauty of the tiny little Wii box, purchased her own on December 6th, Arthur was shocked to discover a new and improved string for connecting the strap to the Wiimote. She also purchased an additional controller, which had the flimsy, non Tyler-proof string. This would seem to imply that Nintendo is quietly improving the Wii straps as the consoles fly out of the factory, but since none of this is official, we only have blurry camphone pics (is there any other kind?) for proof of this change. Peep another after the break.

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