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Panasonic HDC-SD1 and DX1 3CCD AVCHD camcorders on the way


We've already seen plenty of these little guys, but Panasonic has finally busted out its first AVCHD cameras in Japan, and announced launch dates and pricepoints for a US release. Just in case you need a little refresher, AVCHD is that fancy new HD format joint-developed by Sony and Panasonic that allows for recording to solid-state storage and DVD discs. Panasonic's release covers both of those abilities, with the HDC-SD1 featuring an SDHC slot for recording of around 1 hour of 1080i on a 4GB card, while the HDC-DX1 does mini-DVDs, at about 40 minutes a pop. Both cameras feature 3CCDs and 5.1 surround sound recording via 5 built-in mics. We should be seeing these things stateside in March, with the HDC-SD1 going for $1,500 and the HDC-DX1 for $1,400.

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