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QinetiQ's 3D shoe-sizer coming to US Stride Rite stores

Darren Murph

While already popular in Clarks shoe stores across the UK, QinetiQ's 3D foot gauge is finally making its way across the pond. Unveiled in three Boston Stride Rite locations, these trials are slated to lead to a more widespread release across the chain's 450 American locations, giving shoe-wanting citizens "quick and accurate" measurements when sizing up. The contraption features six 3D digital cameras that scan the foot to provided "highly detailed length, girth, and shape data," essentially helping to ensure the best fit possible. Additionally, recorded 3D data can enable trend analysis, which would assist in designing future styles and improving stock control. The optical ranging technology used in the device was actually derived from work done on the "detection of unexploded ordnance" for the UK's Ministry of Defense. Although we're unsure how quickly these things will roll out nationwide, we're sure QinetiQ stands to make a hefty sum from its invention, as its current deal with Clarks yielded a whopping £4.6 million ($9.1 million) over in England.

[Via Gizmag]

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