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"Smart plate" chides dieters who lack willpower

Cyrus Farivar

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Buffet lines can be tricky business, if for no other reason that you have to fight a constant battle between your eyes and your stomach. Well, all of that may soon be over thanks to a Ukrainian inventor, Dr. Hryhory Chausovsky, who has just come up with a dinner plate that will chastise you if you overload it with chow. According to loL, a South African news site, the weight sensor-equipped plate barks such catchphrases as "Stop right there! And what about excess weight?" and "Where's your willpower?" Dr. Chausovsky apparently also has created another version that has a contact sensor on the plate, which will play music faster and more aggressively if the diner eats quickly (as measured by the number of times the fork hits the plate), and more calmly if the meal is consumed slowly. We've got no idea if any of these inventions will hit the global markets, nor for how much, but no matter what the price ends up being, we're still waiting for Dr. Chausovsky's keyboard that'll tell us when we can stop blogging. We'd pay top dollar for that.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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