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Solid Alliance's Kore Ja Nai makes you cry


We all know that Solid Alliance occasionally strays into non compos mentis, but check this one, childrens. The Kore Ja Nai sure looks like a wooden toy robot, right? But that name translates roughly into "this is not it" and is purposely meant to invoke painful feelings from childhood. You know, like the time you opened that present full of yule and hopes of Atari only to find a lameazz Slinky inside. As such, the Kore Ja Nai won't clean your floor or rid the planet of the human scourge, oh no, this ¥7,329 / $64 non-robot is merely a USB stick capable of transporting a paltry 256MBs of say, your Excel spreadsheets. And it's made from plastic! Thanks Solid A, all that whiskey therapy and time spent in dangerous relationships just to bury those memories, wasted.

[Via Impress]

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