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Something that is working as intended in the new patch

David Nelson

The wrong stuff is dropping in raids. The LFG system is hated by many, loved by some. There are 201 problems with 2.0.1. The servers haven't really been stable. The arenas are nowhere to be found.

Yes, if you want to find the negative in 2.0.1, you can find it. But thanks to a reminder from one of our fine readers, I am going to focus for a minute on something about this patch that is actually working and I am pretty darn happy about. We can now have 25 quests in our logs! I can't tell you how many times, especially in the 40-60 area, that I have a completely jammed quest log. With so many quests requiring travel, stacking the quests for efficiency became a pain. This allows more quest stacking, and stops the dropping of quests you'd like to complete, but need to abandon to free up some space. Until you hit 25 quests that is. Come to think of it, why not expand it to 30?

So during this week of some disappointment and lack of quality game time, it is good to know something is working as intended. So go and fill up your quest logs!

[Thanks Rocklands!]

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