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Ubisoft in red, but going in right direction

Justin Murray

Ubisoft, maker of the Tom Clancy line of games, didn't meet their primary business objective; they failed to make a profit in the first six months of this year. However, Ubisoft is moving in the right direction.

Ubisoft ate a €35.5 million loss (that fruit doesn't taste any good, we'll tell you) in the first half of the fiscal year on sales of €172.1 million. The bright side is the loss is far less than the €43.7 million last year and the sales are up 13%. Ubisoft also more than doubled their expected Xbox Live sales to €3 million -- up from an expected €1.3 million -- thanks to brisk sales of the Advanced Warfighter map pack. To further help Ubisoft's outlooks, major hitters like Advanced Warfighter 2, Assassin's Creed and Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway are launching during the current fiscal year.

It is good to see Ubi's fortunes beginning to turn around; they make a number of quality games that we would not want to lose. Hopefully Ubisoft can turn their fortunes around and make their stock more valuable; EA owns 20% of Ubisoft and if they continue to slide, EA could buy them outright. We're not sure about you guys, but we'd rather not see EA Presents Assassin's Creed on our box.

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