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You name the iPhone

According to the Inquirer, Comwave, a Canadian company, has been using the name iPhone in the US and Canada for the last two years. This could be a slight problem for Apple, given that in nearly all the coverage its unannounced, and still speculative, mobile communications device has been deemed "the iPhone".

The Inquirer even popped over to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and searched the online trademarks database for iPhone. It found three documents there: an opposition, a search and an abandonment by Cisco. Their search of the United States Patent and Trademark office turned up two applications as well, one of which the Inquirer thinks was an unsuccessful application from Apple (by "Ocean Telecom Services").

So we're throwing the question out to you readers. What would you name the iPhone if you weren't allowed to call it the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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