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Apple "genius" speaks out


Popsyndicate has an article today detailing the "Confessions" of a Mac Genius, aka a guy who worked at an Apple Store doing tech support. The guy had quite a lot to say. Here are a few highlights:

  • Make your support appointments in advance. "Get a clue. Make your Genius Bar appointment in advance so that you're at least guaranteed a seat, even if it is an hour past your appointment time."
  • Don't brag. "Don't come in here bragging about how long you've been using Mac's, or that you're a Mac tech at your company, or anything like that. It doesn't impress us and it makes you look stupid when you don't know how to do something simple, like reset your PRAM. We're only going to make fun of you, behind your back."
  • Don't fall in love with your data. "[There is] a situation where a customers HD is failing and there's a high likelihood they will lose all their data. I would say something like 'Well, at least you can start over with a clean slate. How many people get that kind of opportunity in their lives?' Naturally, it is purely a case by case basis as there have literally been times we've had to break out a box of Kleenex at the bar."

So how typical is this guy and his attitude? The spin on the article seems to be that being a Genius is a low-wage, thankless job and that tools like sarcasm and making fun of your clients can get you through a day with crybaby customers, with the occasional "good customer" bringing out one's bright side. I've worked in the service industry. I know how difficult and entitled people can be, but the attitude put forth by this article just strikes the wrong note with me.

Pop over and read the whole thing. It's...illuminating.

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