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Emtac's new mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver is smallest yet


We're suckers for anything laying claim to the "world's smallest" title in its category, and while we can't be 100% certain Emtac's claims about its new mini-S3 Bluetooth GPS receiver are accurate, there's no denying this thing is small. You shouldn't have much trouble pocketing the 0.7-inch thick girth, and the no-slip rubber casing should make it easy to keep the widget up on your dashboard. Just like everything else GPS-related these days, the device is based on a SiRFstarIII chipset, and conveniences like a user replaceable 8 hour lithium-ion battery and a mini-USB charging plug always help. The $99.99 pricetag ain't too shabby neither. You should be able to purchase this thing as of now.

[Via pocketnow]

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