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Hey, Grammys, where's the video game love?

Kyle Orland

The music world is all in a tizzy at today's announcement of the 49th annual Grammy award nominations, and all the the nominated artists should be very proud. Unfortunately, music artists, producers and engineers who work in the video game industry have nothing to be excited about. Aside from an obscure video game reference in Arctic Monkey's Best-Rock-Performance-nominated-song "Chun Li's Flying Bird Kick," [thanks, avtiger27] video game music has no representation in the expansive Grammy nominees list.

It would be ridiculously easy for the Recording Academy to shoehorn video game music into the Film/TV/Visual Media category -- surely the Gears of War soundtrack can hold its own against the likes of the soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy, Season 2. Better yet, the Recording Academy could create a whole new category for video game music, much like the MTV Video Music Awards did last year.

It seems a shame that great soundtracks for games like Xenosaga: Episode III, Zelda: Twilight Princess and Tomb Raider: Legend don't even have a chance to be honored during the recording industry's biggest night of the year. So how about it, Recording Academy? Why not respect video games as the culturally important force that they are with a few nominations next time around?

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