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Japanese hardware sales, 27 Nov - 3 Dec: wiivolution edition



Perhaps you've heard of it. Perhaps you've read about it in a book or on a juvenile delinquent's garish MySpace page. Perhaps you've heard it dissected on political radio shows. Perhaps you've felt its impact on your head in a melodramatic and decidedly non-hilarious art film. But have you tasted it? Have you breathed it in through your cavernous nostrils and your gingivitis-playground-for-a-mouth? We thought not.

Turn to the person / gamer next to you, stick out your tongue and take a deep and deliberate breath. That pervasive quality in the air, that unique taste, much like a fresh yam having just been dipped into the salty ocean -- that's freedom. It is all the more obvious now that the heartless DS Lite has at last tasted defeat and been ejected from its position of tyranny. Oh, how it has been thrown from its offensive pop-culture ... throne. How it tumbles from its domain of abuse and influence, freeing us all after more than 30 consecutive weeks of monotonous enslavement.

Farewell, DS Lite. We stab at thee with our freedom blades and rejoice! The day is won and your body of chart predictability is perforated with truth. Like Swiss cheese. Of truth.

- Wii: 350,358 [New Entry!]
- DS Lite: 176,901 24,477 (12.15%)
- PS3: 31,436 1,226 (3.75%)
- PSP: 23,917 6,898 (22.39%)
- PS2: 23,115 3,148 (11.99%)
- Xbox 360: 4,053 2,954 (42.16%)
- GBA SP: 1,572308 (24.37%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,252 17 (1.38%)
- Gamecube: 821 245 (42.53%)
- DS Phat: 140 72 (33.96%)
- GBA: 22 5 (18.52%)
- Xbox: 11 11 (N/A)

[Source: Media Create]

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