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Novac's eSATA and USB drive towers: 4.5TB of possible storage


Novac of japan launches some a couple of big empty cases to host the 3.5-inch SATA disks of your choice. The NV-HS372S supports up to five disks and connects to your PC over eSATA. No eSATA, no problem, the adapter card is included in the ¥59,800 (about $517) price tag. The ¥29,800 (about $258) NV-HD600U supports up to six disks and connects to your computer over the more traditional, but slower USB 2.0 interface. With 3.5-inch disks currently maxing-out at 750GB (with 1TB expected this summer), well, you do the porn storage math. Both enclosures rock RAID 0/1 support and ship starting 19 December in Japan.

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